the whole of this past week

i have yearned to be bare

of body and soul

to strip in the wavering light of sun or moon

and when i do i wish him there

to touch me

my breasts because he knows their sensitivity

my mouth for the intimacy

other places

once long ago i dreamed of being naked and kneeling

long hair or perhaps a silk scarf covered my eyes

my wrists were crossed though unbound

in the dark i was

but no longer


~ by justmorgan on February 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “bare”

  1. wild, but vivid…

    beautiful post.

  2. i can feel the longing…up to the last sentence…

  3. so sensual.
    i love it.
    here from Jingle.


  4. The yearning and the longing to be touched by the one.. who’s not here anymore
    I loved it..

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