before we meet

I wish to find

the perfect summer dress

with panels of white lace

bits of color woven throughout

blue, rose and hint of gold

the bodice tightly tied

and low cut of course

the skirt full and aswirl about my legs

so when I walk toward you

with the sun at my back

you would see the silhouette of my loins

step step step

I would into your arms

with a bit too much boldness

and then beg you to untie the various ribbons

so that you could see

gold dusting my breasts

knees weak I would fall

to rest against your chest

and breathe in your musky scent

what then, my love,

would you steer us to the garden bench

where we first met

or lay me down in a shadowed place

with you on top

and me beneath

waiting for you to do those things

that make me cry with need

but alas

I have no white dress

and we may not meet again until autumn

but be that as it may

I think we will be fine

in whatever attire

in whatever location

because we are more than simple lovers, my dear


~ by justmorgan on August 7, 2012.

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